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Hi. I’m the Thrifty Maven. I grew up the oldest of eight kids and watched my parents feed and clothe us on a policeman’s salary. This training came in handy when I found myself divorced with two young sons when I returned to college to obtain my degree in Education. I really had to make every penny count.

Thrifty is the new black. It’s not only good for your wallet but it is ecologically sound. You are thrifty if you realize it really doesn’t matter what you make, it matters what you spend.

Budget is an action word and Thrifty Maven’s tips will help you stay within yours. Thrifty Maven offers her expertise on topics that will help seize the opportunity to save your hard earned money.

We’d love to hear from you. Do you have money saving tips or tricks? In these tough economic times we’re all in this together so please share.

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