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Swiffer Wetjet – Product Review

August 8th, 2009No Comments


Do you remember when I shared my Swiffer video? Then you know I love Swiffer products and I especially love their commercials.

That’s why when I noticed the Swiffer Booth at BlogHer I had to visit them and share my video. They thought it was such a hoot to meet someone who submitted a video entry to one of their contests. I know some people say you should be secretive about how you love sweepstakes and contests but if I enter a contest, it’s generally because I really love the product. I also let them know that I tend to be more brand loyal to companies that run sweepstakes and contests and they are more likely to make me try a new product.

Well the ladies at the booth took my super cool “Carol Brady” shot of me and their new Swiffer WetJet and asked me if I’d like to try one at home. Of course I agreed to try it.

The last few days have been bringing me birthday cards so when I got home Mr. Thrifty met me at the door. “Look! Someone sent you a gift?” I was excited. I knew I hadn’t ordered anything. I also know that women are not supposed to get excited about getting a cleaning product for their birthday. So while I’m almost certain the arrival of the Swiffer WetJet was not timed to arrive just before my birthday I was so glad to see it I actually used it singing “It’s my birthday. We’re gonna party like it’s my birthday.”

So what makes the NEW Swiffer NEW anyway? According to Swiffer there have been some enhancements and I wanted to make sure I covered them all. I’m listing them below:

* Dual-nozzle sprayers increase coverage area to provide a more even dosing and improved spray pattern control.
* Scrubbing strip has been moved to the front and made larger to power through dried on messes.
* Dirt dissolving solution that dries virtually streak free.
* Super-absorbent technology in pads traps and locks dirt and dirty solution, enabling floors to dry faster than mop and bucket.
* Strong pole makes for better leverage.

In addition, the specially formulated no-rinse cleaning solution is available in Multipurpose, Antibacterial, and Wood.

The Manufacturers Suggested Retail price for a Swiffer WetJet Starter kit is $21.99. Keep your eyes out for coupons and sales!!!

I generally begin sweeping with a broom, then go over the floor with the Swiffer sweeper which statically attracts hairs and fine particles that the regular broom misses, and then finish with the Wet Jet. I love mopping with the Wet Jet because it is just as easy as sweeping-no bending, no wringing, no mess. The WetJet is lightweight and I don’t have to drag around a bucket of water. I don’t have a lot of carpeted floor so it has been my experience with Swiffer WetJet cleaner lasts a long time if you don’t spray it all over the place. A little truly goes a long way.

Does it pass the ThriftyMaven test? I like the new improvements that Swiffer has made. Like many of you, I buy my Swiffer supplies on sale and when there are coupons available. For me it’s just a personal thing because inevitably, when I decide to wash the floors, one of my dogs will plop right down in the middle of the floor. A wet floor is like a siren call for them. Actually one of my dogs thinks any standing water, from toilet, to tub, to bucket is meant for him to drink. Using Swiffer eliminates one of these beverage opportunities for my dog and it’s not so bad when they plop down on my clean floor.

Swiffer asked me what, if anything, could they do to improve Swiffer. It would be nice if the Starter Kit came with a battery and I have written to let them know that. I would also hope that they could make the pads from recyclable materials. Other then that I’m pretty satisfied with my new Swiffer WetJet and I’m happy it came as an early birthday gift for me!

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